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Toy Recommendations from TEACCH

Fun & Enriching Gift Ideas - Toy Guide

We wanted to share this curated selection of wonderful toys designed with a special focus on children with autism, just in time for the upcoming holiday season! TEACCH, a renowned organization dedicated to supporting individuals with autism, understands that finding the perfect toys to engage, educate, and entertain children with autism can be a challenge. That’s why TEACCH has compiled a comprehensive list of exceptional options to make holiday shopping a breeze. 

Toy Recommendations for Individuals with Autism

Although these toys have been chosen with children with autism in mind, they are fun and enriching for all children. Feel free to ask your child’s therapist which category will support your child’s unique developmental journey… as well as being fun! TEACCH uses the following categories:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Visual supports
  • Sensory
  • Games
  • Manipulatives and Building
  • Art

You can also use this list to guide well-meaning family members to select gifts that align with your child’s preferences and needs. This way, the upcoming holidays will be filled with joy, learning, and connection, thanks to the collective effort of your entire family.

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