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Children who are Learning English as a Second Language

In this excellent article, Lauren Lowry answers how parents can help their child learn English as a second language. She shares the following tips:

  1. Children learn best during interactions with responsive caregivers so watch for opportunities to respond with interest in daily interactions.
  2. Children learn words for the thing that interest them so when your child shows interest, start a conversation about it.
  3. Children learn what they hear most often so talk about what you are doing while going about daily tasks, such as talking about favorite foods while preparing a snack.
  4. Flashcards are not the answer!
  5. Children need to hear words in a variety of examples as well as from more than one person.
  6. Vocabulary and grammar go hand-in-hand so use short sentences rather than trying to teach word one at a time.

Read the whole article at:  Helping Children Learn English as a Second Language