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COVID-19 Procedures

At McLellan Homecare, we take the health of your family, our therapists, and the many medically fragile children we treat very seriously. Our COVID-19 response has been crafted with ALL these families in mind. Below is a list of our current safety measures. We monitor the CDC’s guidelines, and we will update our protocol as needed.

  • Vaccinations and Testing
    • 100% of our staff are fully vaccinated
    • Our staff tests periodically to make sure they do not have asymptomatic COVID-19
  • Masks
    • Your therapist will wear a mask during the entire visit.
    • Your child is not required to wear a mask.
    • If your child is receiving articulation or dyspraxia treatment, your therapist can wear a clear mask so their mouth can be seen.
    • Your therapist will maintain social distancing from other individuals in the home.
  • Hand Washing
    • We disinfect our hands before your visit and before and after any feeding or oral motor therapy activities.
    • We disinfect our toys between visits.
  • Gloves
    • We wear gloves during oral motor or feeding therapy or whenever there is a possibility of coming in contact with saliva or bodily fluids (nasal discharge, etc.)
  • Telehealth Visits
    • If you or your child is ill, has symptoms of COVID-19, or has been exposed to COVID-19 we will offer a telehealth visit.
    • If your child is quarantined, we will follow CDC guidelines to determine when in-person visits can continue.
    • If your therapist has symptoms or has been exposed to COVID-19, we will offer telehealth visits until the quarantine period ends.
    • If the State or your county mandates it, we may be required to transition to telehealth in the future.