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How to get started if you’re concerned about your child’s development

How to get started - steps to take if you're concerned about your child's development

It’s really 3 questions

  • What kind of help does my child need?
  • Who can provide that help?
  • How can I pay for it?
    • Insurance we take:
      • Medicaid
      • Cigna 
      • Humana 
      • Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield 
      • Colorado Access
    • Call us and we’ll check out your coverage!

Know that there’s help out there for your family

  • For children under 3, the services are called Early Intervention (EI).
  • School-aged children may be eligible for services through their public school.
  • Colorado’s Early Intervention (EI) program provides a website with lots of information.
  • Each county has an agency that coordinates services for children with developmental disabilities. They help get your child evaluated, coordinate services, and provide funding. This is your first stop for children under 3.  Check out our CCB Map!

Get to know the jargon

  • We’ve created a list of the most common jargon you’ll hear. View it here!

Understand the process

Overview of Evaluation Process

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