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Good Night Gorilla

It’s bedtime at the zoo, and all the animals are going to sleep. Or are they? Who’s that short, furry guy with the key in his hand and the mischievous grin? Excerpted from Amazon

Parent Skills you can practice in Goodnight Gorilla

Child: Ball (pointing to the ball in the cage) Following your child’s lead
Parent: There is a ball in there. Use simple, grammatical sentences
Wait 5-4-3-2-1 OWL: Observe, Wait, Listen
Turn page; the Gorilla stealing the keys
Uh oh Routines that spark interaction
Child: Uh oh


It might sound simplistic, but the success here is that your child says “Uh Oh” after you. More progress will be evident on the second, third or fourth reading of Goodnight Gorilla when she says “Uh Oh” before you because now she knows the sequence. There will be delighted giggles all around.

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