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Identify Your Child’s Stage of Communication

What Stage of Communication is My Child? chart

Throughout the Hanen book It Takes Two to Talk, the authors give suggestions based on the 4 stages:

  1. Discoverer 
  2. Communicator
  3. First Word User
  4. Combiner

To help you identify your child’s stage of communication, we’ve created this infographic based on Chapter 1 of It Takes Two To Talk. You can also read Hanen’s Four Stages of Early Communication: A Short Guide for Parents

What Stage of Communication is my Child? Chart

The information we’re sharing is based on the expert insights and practical tips presented in It Takes Two to Talk by Ayala Hanen Pepper and Elaine Weitzman. We highly recommend this book as a valuable resource to complement your child’s therapy sessions and support their communication development. We’d also like to express our sincere appreciation for the authors’ dedication to helping children with communication difficulties and their families.

About this series

The posts in this series match the home programs that our therapists give parents. McLellan Homecare therapists always give parents some homework to help them play an active role in their child’s therapy. While the therapist has only an hour or two per week, you—as their primary caregivers—have dozens of small opportunities every day to help your child develop new skills. But we also know that parents are very busy so we just concentrate on one small task each week. Your child’s therapist will help you apply this information to your particular child’s situation and even interests. Each week the therapist will ask about how it went and help you with suggestions if you are having trouble implementing the program.

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